I Love: Topbox

Last year I had mentioned to my boyfriend that I’d discovered something I wanted more than  anything: a Topbox subscription!

topbox - mail

Let me interrupt here, if you don’t know what Topbox is, it’s a monthly subscription you sign up for and a Topbox is sent to you via mail that contains the latest beauty products for you to test. Each Topbox contains 4 beauty products and a card that explains which each one is. It’s an ingenious business model – as a business, your product is sent to a growing market of consumers who test and potentially purchase. As consumers, we can test out products, fall in love and buy them. As consumers we don’t have to purchase a product and hope we like it – through testing Topbox samples we already know we do!

Back to the story. I had completely forgotten that I had gushed my heart out about this product and unbeknownst to me, Kevin (aka the boyfriend) gifted me a year subscription to Topbox for Christmas 2012 (MAJOR brownie points. MAJOR!) Since then, I’ve received in total three Topboxes and I couldn’t be happier.

topbox 2

I would highly recommend this product – it’s an amazing way to test out products without fully committing to purchasing them. You receive beauty products selected for you based on a profile you create on the website. It’s very important to understand and know your beauty profile well before filling this out. They use this profile to tailor the products you receive. Unfortunately, my first Topbox contained Makeup Forever Pro-Finish foundation that was too dark for me – I gifted a very thankful friend and immediately changed my profile (I can’t keep kidding myself into thinking I have tanned skin… I’m pale and go from white to red in 0.6 seconds).

As a frugal shopper I didn’t think this would be a product I would purchase myself, so having started as a gift was perfect. Now having experienced the process, I know that I will continue my membership. There are a few key reasons why I love this so much and would recommend it to everyone:

  1. You get to test drive a wide variety of products (from Aveda to Vera Wang – you can browse the brands on Topbox‘s website)
  2. I don’t know about you but typically I receive bills or statements in the mail so having a monthly Topbox sent to you with beauty products in it makes opening the mailbox so much better!
  3. You’re introduced to products you may never have thought of even trying
  4. When invited, you can customize your box to a specific brand (my last one was an Aveda Topbox – I will be going to purchase a few items)

All in all, I can’t profess more how much I love this product and do encourage you to try it out!

If I’ve sold you, head to Topbox to get signed up.


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