I love: face art

I love playing with makeup! Trying out new looks, being creative and pushing boundaries. I’m not one to normally wear this much, and now I have a new appreciation for the craftsmanship behind it – it’s definitely an art!

Here is a slew of pictures I took through the process of creating this glammed up face.

At the bottom is a product list, please check it out – all of the products that I use I love!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think – enjoy xo


The very beginning! Always remember to apply moisturizer before applying products – it does a world of good!

20140130_192503     +     20140130_194453     =    20140130_195239

20140130_195336             20140130_195722

20140130_195954             20140130_202124

FYI: I didn’t use the Sephora false lashes. I thought about it but opted out.

and… Voila!


Product list:


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