DIY Valentine’s Day project: Love notes

Vday DIY

I like to think of myself as a gifted craftswoman… I’m reminded time and again this isn’t the case. This is why I seek out DIY projects that are easy, and fool-proof, like this one!

This craft I spotted on oh happy day and Julep and fell in love right away. It is such a simple project that doesn’t require many supplies, AND you get a lot of bang for your buck. The idea was originally made as a wall of love notes, but I like the idea of sprinkling these all over the place. As well, I like the idea of creating a time frame, ie. crafting 52 of them so that your special someone can open one a week for the next year. (My pipedream was to create 365 for every day – HA, that idea was shot outta the water pretty quick!)

Here’s the how to.


  • Scissors
  • tape (preferably decorative)
  • decorative paper

vday DIY supplies

I picked up all of these craft supplies at Michael’s for under $20 – they have a great sale on right now, so check it out if interested.

1. vday DIY step 1    2. vday DIY step 2 use

 3. vday DIY step 3

Take a piece of your decorative paper (approx. 2.5″ x 5″) and fold length wise and then width wise (picture 1). With the piece of paper placed horizontally, fold down the top half (length wise) to the middle fold, fold up bottom half-way to the middle (picture 2). Turn over and fold paper upwards along the middle crease (picture 3 and 4).

4. vday DIY step 4   5. vday DIY step 5

Once you fold up both sides, you will then fold down the corners to create the top of the heart (picture 5).

Secure with a piece of tape on the opposite side and VOILA!

vday DIY step 6   vday DIY step 8   vday DIY step 7

Place a sweet note inside for your special someone to find!

Believe me, this is an easy DIY. If you try it let me know how it goes.



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