Makeup: Wings Up

This past weekend I became so focused, dare I say obsessed, with creating a winged liner look. I find lining eyes, especially when the liner is the ‘piece de resistance’, can be soooooo tough! I definitely don’t have the steadiness of hand to be a surgeon, which is needed and comparable to creating this look! The precision one needs to create this has be impeccable…. have I mentioned I’m a perfectionist?!

With all that said, I wanted to challenge myself to create Wings up!

Have a peek see below.

with love,

just jane xo

before march 22

the before… and got a long bob cut (I’m finally loving my hair again… this clearly has EVERYTHING to do with makeup artistry)

concealer march 22     contouring march 22 1

Concealer and contouring: This is exactly how I apply concealer and contouring powder (I vary this a little with every look, depending on the desired look). Don’t be afraid to apply, you’ll blend it all in. See…

complete half profile march 22     complete full march 22 1     complete profile march 22     complete eyes closed march 22 2

Product list:

makeup march 22


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