The Girl:

Hi there, my name is Jane.


I really wanted to start talking about the things I love most in this world – whether it be fashion finds, or beauty, or perhaps lifestyle trends – I want to share it all. This space isn’t limited to one topic, moreso an open-ended conversation about anything and everything I find interesting, entertaining, funny, engaging…

The Name:

You may be wondering about the name of my blog. There are two reasons for it.


A few years ago I inked my right wrist. The reason for having this done is that when I was going through university I was always trying to be something I wasn’t (you know, the whole self discovery process). It drove me crazy but I couldn’t stop. My sister suggested I start writing ‘just jane’ on my wrist to remind myself just to be me. At some point the idea finally sunk in, I loved me a whole heckofalot so wanted to have the message permanently inscribed as a reminder. To this day I still use it when I may falter (read: when I feel like my Kim K rear-end is getting a little too hefty!).

As for the and Sally… well, here is where I confess to being a cat lady. Sally was my childhood cat who grew too old too quick. I wanted to pay tribute to my little mush.

And that’s just a little about me.

Shop Talk

Feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss any of my blog posts or to talk business ventures: justjaneandsally@gmail.com. As far as business goes I can only commit to those products/ideas/trends that I truly believe in. Let’s talk!


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